County Donegal Historical Society

Rules for contributors to Donegal Annual

The guidelines follow the rules and conventions of T.W. Moody’s “Rules for contributors to Irish Historical Studies” but in a slightly revised form. For a more comprehensive style sheet based on Irish Historical Studies and originally devised by Professor Moody of TCD click here.
Endnotes are used rather than footnotes. They should be confined to sources of information and quoted material.

Printed books: T.W.Moody, Davitt and the Irish Revolution (Oxford, 1981), p. 125. Article in periodical: David Hayton, “Anglo-Irish attitudes: changing perceptions of national identity among the Protestant
ascendancy in Ireland” in Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture, xvii, (1987), pp. 145-57. Collection of documents in book form:The Correspondence of Jonathan Swift, ed. F.E.Ball, (6 vols, London, 1910-14), v,
pp. 437-8 Unpublished Thesis: Seán Murphy, “The Lucas affair: a study of municipal and electoral politics in Dublin, 1742-9” (M.A. thesis,
Univeristy College, Dublin, 1981), p. 123 Newspapers: The Irish Times, 6 October 1968 British parliamentary papers: (sessional papers): Report of the comptroller……..1874, p. 3, H.C. 1875 (252) xx, 135 and for command papers: Report of the Commissioners….., ii, 1[Cd. 2368-1]. H.C. 1878-9, xxxvii, 76 Hansard: Hansard’s Parliamentary Debates……third series, 1830-91 (vols i-ccclvi, London, 1831-91). Dáil Éireann: Dáil Éireann, iml. I (vol.i), 1922, Stationery Office, Dublin Manuscript sources: “A brief note of traitors killed by the earl of Ormond”, 20 September, 1571 (Bodl., Carte MS 57, f. 148) Oral Sources: Interview with Patrick Murphy, Glenamoy, Co. Mayo (16 October 1973) Latinisms: Ibid. = in the same place should only refer to a single reference in the preceding footnote; op.cit = the work cited used within the same footnote when a work is cited twice; passim = throughout; cf = compare; et al = and others, usually editors/authors. Capitals: M.R.I.A., M.P., P.R.O. Punctuation: Dr Mr Mrs Mss St but no. and in. for inches, 1880s Quotations: maximum 5 lines; indent quote; 10 point. Dates: 10 March 1753 Acknowledgements should be brief All mss are peer reviewed and submitted to the Editorial Board for approval. Add a 2 sentence biography if a new writer. October 1 is the deadline for mss for the following year. For more detail or other examples, see the websites of established publishers eg. Irish Academic Press or Four Courts Press. Seán Beattie

Full details and further examples can be found in T.W. Moody, Rules for Contributors to Irish Historical Studies, January 1968.