County Donegal Historical Society

Indices of Donegal Annuals - 1980s

1980 to 1989


1980 President: Mrs. Dorothy Borland (1980-'82)    
Description Author Page
The Land War in Co. Donegal  Desmond Murphy 476
Colum Cille's Teachers Rev. Dr. John Silke 487
English Silver Coins, 1560-1640, found at Laghey, Co. Donegal Michael Kenny 491
Donegal Writers and Derry of the Oaks Fr. Anselm Fauikner 502
Workhouse and Famine: lnishowen (1845-9) Sean Beattie 508
They Made History Too Cecil A. King 529
MacTaghlins and Houstons of Donegal Rev. Joseph Houston 533
Lá na Tulle i nDoirí Beaga Seán Ó Gallachair, 541
Sir James Caldwell and the Lives of Half-hanged McNaughton John B. Cunningham 549
Leabhair      559
                    Museum Curator's Interim Report, L.J. Emerson 560
                    Ancestory Query John W. Delaney 561
                    Donegal Souterrain Michael Ryan 561
                    Numbering of this Journal Hon. Editors 562
Annual Report and Proceedings    563
In Memoriam      566
Officers and Membership   567

1981                                                                                                                 No. 33
Description Author Page
Mac Cailín - A Martial Clan Brian Bonner 1
Ua Duibhne - Deeney Dr. Brian Deeney 11
Collecting Oral Narrative Linda May Ballard 21
William Connolly's Ballyshannon Estate, 1718-1726 John B. Cunningham 27
Hedge Schools of lnishowen Conall K. Byrne 45
                Three Accounts J. D. Williams 56
                The Voyage of "The Countess of Arran" Rupert S. Ó Cochlain 57
                An O'Doherty Family Tradition Brian Ireland 59
Major General Joseph A. Sweeney, A Tribute Very Rev. Canon O'Callaghan 60
"The Blind Poetess " Patrick Bonner 66
Annual Report and Proceedings               67
Membership and Officers   71
In Memoriam    91

1982                                                                                                                             No. 34
Description Author Page
Franciscans of lnishowen and Derry Fr. Anselm Faulkner, O.F.M. 3
Mongeviin Castle Edward Macintyre 18
The Dills of Fanad Samuel M. Fleming 22
They Made History Too - 2 Cecil A. King 33
The Struggle for the Belleek-Pettigo Salient, 1922 Jonn B. Cunningham 38
                                 O'Donnell Abú R. Ó Cochlain 60
                                 Áit Dhuchais an Easpaig  P. Ó Gallachair 61
                                 Ancestry Query R.M.K.McNolty 61
                                 Bishop P. McGettigan Writes P. Ua Cnáimhsí 62
                                Donegal Teetotalers, c. 1830 Thomas Ainge Devyr 63
McDonagh Memorial Competition, 1982 Liam Mac Meanman 65
Tribute to Our Hon. Editor Edward Macintyre 65
Book Reviews    68
In Memoriam    76
Annual Report and Proceedings     78
Officers and Membership   83

1983 President:  Edward McIntyre                                                                                                         No. 35
Description Author Page
Our President Edward Mcintyre    3
"An Scuab as Fánaid" and the Xlth Century Pandemonium, Arthur J. Spears, 5
The Ordance Survey Memoirs Angelique Day 21
Donegal Priests in Scotland Rev. Bernard J. Canning 43
lsaac Butt Breandán Mac Cnáimhsi 59
The Ballyshannon Herald, 1845-1850 John B. Cunningham 67
                       The Napper Tandy Gallaghers Rev. John Fitzgeraid 86
                       Testimonial to Williarn Allingham Anthony Begley 87
                       "Johnston's Motor Car" Patrick Bonner 89
                       Did The Whiteboys Invade Ballyshannon? Rev. P. Gallachair 91
Fishery History     93
Book Reviews    95
In Memoriam    101
Annual Report and Proceedings    103
Officers and Members    109

1984 President Cecil A. King 1984-86                                                                                                                No. 36
Description Author Page
Our President   3
The Grianan of Aileach Brian Lacy, 5
John Toland and Keating's History of Ireland (1723) David Berman, 25
A Contribution to the Social and Linguistic History of Rannafast Dr. Gordon MacGill-Fhinnein 30
Logainmneacha na Rosann Dónall MacGiolla, Easpaig 48
An Analysis of the Donegal Grand Jury Presentments, 1753 to 1762 Raymond Blair 61
The Growth and Decline of Fishing Around Dunfanaghy and Portnablagh. Jonathan Bell, 75
First Rector of the Catholic University of America Rev. Bernard J. Canning 84
One Hundred Years of the G.A.A. in Co. Donegal. P. S. Mac a'Ghoill 90
Ardara's Evie Hone Window V. Rev. L. McCaul 95
Can Donegal Claim Philip Murray? Professor L. A. O'Donnell 97
Poet Recalls Local Clergy Rev. P. Ó Gallachair 99
Book Reviews   100
In Memoriam    104
Annual Report and Proceedings   109
Officers and Membership   114

1985                                                                                                                                No. 37
Description Author Page
Adomnán and the Writing of the "Life of Columba" Professor J.M. Picard, 3
An International Folk Tale from Donegal – Bréagach Éireannach Dr. Gordon McGill-Fhinnein 18
The Diocese of Raphoe (1773-1805) Very Rev. Dr. John Silke 24
Lios-Seanchas ó lár Thír Chonaill A.J. Hughes 27
Cinneadh Chathail Bhuí Seán Mac Labhraí 32
Banking in County Donegal J.D. Williams, 34
The Creightons of lnver and Killaghtee Felim O'Neill, 42
Hugh O'Donnell of Larkfield Rupert Ó Cochlainn 46
Thalers and Reales from North Sligo Michael Kenny 51
A Donegal Priest Who Achieved Greatness in the New World Cecil A. King 58
Virginia's new Horse Centre has links with Donegal Patricia Burton 62
Gov. Robb signs Legislation Creating Va. Equine Center Adrian Pantaze 65
From Thurles to Ardara Very Rev. Liam McCaul, P.P 67
Folklore from Glenfinn Liam MacMeanman 73
To Frances Brown (The Blind Poetess) 1816-1879 James Kelly, 73
Donegal Archaeological Survey Group E.W.R. Cookman 74
Report on O'Kellys Clive Evans 75
Book Reviews    76
In Memoriam     78
Annual Report and Society Proceedings     80
Officers and Membership   83

1986                                                                                                                                                No. 38
Description Author Page
Maol Íosa Ó Brochháin (+ 1086) Dr. Muireann Ní Bhrolcháin 3
A Forgotten Medieval Placename Tomás Ó Canann 19
Red Hugh and Rose O'Neill Morwenna Donnelly 46
Finner Camp Lucius J. Emerson 52
J.J. Silke and the Seed Potato Industry in Donegal Rev. Dr. J.J. Silke, 67
Computer Based Index to the Irish Ordnance Survey Memoirs Angique Day 78
My Own Place - Maigh ltha or the Lagan Valley Leonard Roarty 81
lnis Caorach Mícheál Ó Gallachóir (CÓP) 87
In Retrospect: 1986 Cecil A. King 90
             Illustrious Churchman C.A. King 102
             Ancestry Queries from New Zealand & USA    104
            "The Deliverance of Donegal" A. Begley 105
Errata Hon Editors 107
Books   108
In Memoriam    111
Annual Report and Proceedings of the Society   113
Museum Report    118
Donegal Archaeological Survey Group   119
Officers and Membership   123

1987 President: Liam Doherty                                                                                                                                   No. 39
Description Author Page
Our President   2
Some Notes on Early Christianity in Co. Donegal Very Rev.  Dr. John J. Silke 4
Vestiges of Ancient Raphoe from an Aerial Photo Arthur Spears 16
MacColgan, Airchinneach of Domhnach Mór Brian Ua Cnáimhsighe, 24
Mary Stuart O'Donnell Professor Jerrold Casway 28
Mineralogical and Geological Travellers in Donegal 1787-1812 C.F. MacArthur 39
Ag Amharc Siar Vincí Shíle Ó Dónaill, 58
Looking for the JA Ranch Patricia Burton 70
State of Raphoe Diocese in early 1880s from Propaganda Fide 78
In Retrospect: 1987 Cecil A. King 83
Rang Scoile a teagascadh i dTír Chonaill? A.J. Hughes 99
An lnishowen Patriot, Patrick Lynch Rev. John Fitzgeraid 102
Schooling in the Parish of Clonleigh-Lifford in the 19th Century. Daniel Coyle 106
               Donegal Local Studies Liam Ó Rónáin 125
               Bishops of Ireland B.J.C. 126
              Ancestry Queries from U.S.A    127
In Memoriam    128
Annual Report and Proceedings of the Society, 1987   129
Society's Museum Report       132
Donegal Archaeological Survey Group   133
Officers and Membership   135

1988                                                                                                                        No. 40
Description Author Page
The Derryveagh-Australian Connection May McClintock 3
Ballyharry - A Study of the Townland Brian Bonner 11
The Spanish Armada Wrecks on the Donegal Coasts Lucius J. Emerson 24
"Sure and What Did We Ever Do but Knit?" Eugenia Shanklin 40
Neolithic & Early Bronze Age Artefacts from South-West Donegal David J. Keeling 55
Blessed Murray Mac Groarty Very Rev. Dr. John J. Silke 75
Some Aspects of the Siege of Derry Rev. Fr. Anselm Faulkner, O.F.M. 78
The Eagle of the North J.P. McGarry 84
Ballyshannon and Environs, 1803 John Cunningham, 89
Rev. Willie (Bill) Devine Rev. Desmond Mullan 93
Cordoned Urn Burial at Laheen, Co. Donegal A.B. Ó Riordáin, 97
Notes on Donegal Towns Caitlín Nic Giolla Bhríde 102
Heinrich Wagner-Laoch Ar Lar A.J. Hughes 111
In Retrospect, 1988 Cecil A. King) 122
Donegal Local Studies Liam Ó Rónáin 136
Book Reviews   140
Notes and Queries   142
In Memoriam   144
Annual Report and Proceedings     144
Society's Museum Report     147
Officers and Membership   148

1989 President: Arthur Spears                                                                                                No. 41
Description Author Page
Our President   2
From Donegal to Rome by Foot, Boat, Coach and Horseback Tomás Ó Fiaich 3
Gaelic Women's Responses to the Elizabethan Settlement of Ireland James Doan 20
A Civic Guard's Memories of '22 Patrick McInerney 28
Inishowen Heritage Centre and Folk Museum Mary Gillen 31
The Penalty of the Eight Deadly Sins Brian Bonner 33
Two Donegal Battles Kitty McGeehan 39
La Trinidad Valencera; An Armada Wreck Fr. Michael Keaveney 46
The Spanish Monk's Grave. Who could this be? Dr. Geraldine Carville 51
The Grianán of Aileach Etienne Rynne 54
Poverty, Famine and the Workhouse at Ballyshannon Anthony Begley 57
Cavanacor House, Lifford and President Polk's Ancestors Eddie O'Kane 72
St. Connell's Museum and Heritage Centre, Glenties Danny Boyle 75
A Man for his Season - Bishop Neil Farren of Derry Rev. Bernard J. Canning 77
Folk Poetry of the Laggan 1750-1830 J.R.R. Adams 84
Susanna Marie Brooks: her Family: the Brooks and Lough Eske Castle Morwenna Donnelly 89
Archaelogical and Historical Survey Group   94
Lector O'Friel and Doon Well Fr. John Fitzgerald 95
Aodh Rua Ó Domhnaill and his Mission to Spain 1602 Micheline Kerney Walsh 96
Harley-McDonagh Competition Report Arthur Lemmon 123
In Retrospect 1989 C.A. King 125
Carne Graveyard, Pettigo Rev. P. Ó Gallchóir, P Slevin & J. Cunningham 135
Donegal Local Studies   156
Book Reviews   159
Annual Report and Proceedings   164
Our Society's Museum Report   167
Officers and Membership   168