County Donegal Historical Society

Indices of Donegal Annuals - 1970s

1970 to 1979



Description Author Page
Napper Tandy's Raid on Rutland (1798)   Rupert S.Ó Cochlain 139
County Donegal in 1845 Maureen Wall 161
North-West Donegal after The Great Famine Brendan Mac Cnáimhsí 178
Mairgní Nuala Ní Dhónaill Niall Ó Dónaill 203
Sidelights of The Parishes of  Cuidaff & Cloncha Brian Bonner 208
The Great Famine in Pettigo    232
Buncrana and Derry In 1744 David Dickson 233
A Seventeenth Century Mill in Tyrhugh R. J. Hunter 238
The Missing Stones of Conwall & Cloncha Mabel R. Colhoun 241
Death of Rory O'Donnell in Rome     244
A Forgotten Priest of Penal Days     245
Oileán An Teampaill   246
Reviews    247
Notes & Queries         253
Proceedings of The Society      256
In Memoriam    260
Officers & Membership     261

1971Commemorating the Silver Jubilee
Description Author Page
President: Dr. J. G. Simms    1
The Ulster Plantation in Co. Donegal  Dr. J. G. Simms 3
Nicholas Skipper  Seán Patrick Healy 15
Farming on Tory Island  J. A. Hunter 19
Patrick MacGill: The Birth of a Legend  Dr. Joseph Mulholland 27
An Historial Geography of South Donegal  C. P. Ó Cnáimhsí 36
The Rosses: From the Earliest Times to 1640 Rev. T. O'Donnell, O.F.M. 62
The First Meeting of The Co. Donegal Historical Society An Eye Witness's Impression 85
Obituaries   88
Proceedings of The Society     100
Officers & Membership     104

1972   President. Liam MacMeanman (1972-'73).
Description Author Page
A Donegal Broadside Ballad of 1856 Dr. Eoin MacWhite, 119
The Settler Population of an Ulster Plantation County Robert Hunter 124
Aodh Mac Briene: Saint of Sliabh Liag  Pádraig Ó Beirne 155
Population Changes on Tory Island James A. Hunter 159
A Donegal Revenue Inspection of 1775 David Dickson 172
Letterkenny Pastor and Parliamentarian:Rev. John Kinnear (1823-1909)  Rev. Dr. Bewglass 183
Ards:     From Manor House to Monastery  Edward MacIntyre 187
A Man from the Croaghs recalls old Placenames Patrick Campbell 193
Notes & Queries   205
Leabhar-léirmheas: Book Review   209
Proceedings of The Society    219
Officers & Membership      223
In Memoriam    237

Description Author Page
Arranmore Island in the Great Famine, 1846-'48  Breandán Mac Cnáimhsí 239
Society of Friends Report on the Famine In Co. Donegal   249
Giants' Grave, Magheracar, Bundoran Denis Holly                  267
Sketches and Placename Of "Lisney lmwdely", Magheracar, Bundoran Bearnárd Ó Dubhthaigh 273
Diary of a Tour Through Donegal, 1837 Frances & Emily Ponsonby 281
Srath na gCeall Patrick J. McGill 292
Muintir Ghallchobhair Ath. P. Ó Gallachair 295
Notes on the History of Belleek Pottery Mrs. M. Jenks, Chelsea 316
Notes & Queries   322
Reviews   328
In Memoriam   335
Proceedings Of The Society    338
Officers & Membership     341

  1974  President: Seán Uasal Mac Loinsigh.

Description Author Page
The Arms Of County Donegal     1
Francis Makemie  Rev. Professor John M. Barkley 3
Old Rathmullan Rev. Dr. John J. Silke 22
The Pattons And Dills Of Springfield Nancy Kingham, 33
Bishop Reamonn Ó Gallachair Brian Bonner 41
Five Donegal Historians Of Last Century P. J. McGill 53
An Early List of Co. Donegal Parishes Rev. P. Ó Gallachair 66
Notes & Queries    71
In Memoriam     75
Proceedings Of The Society        76
Officers & Membership      81

 1975/'76  President: Brian Walsh.
Description Author Page
Saint Oliver Plunkett & The Diocese Of Raphoe Rt.  Rev. Monsignor Tomas Ó Fiaich 99
Folklore From Glenfinn Liam MacMenamin, B.A 108
Dr. William Smyth, Heroic Donegal Doctor Mary Rankin 126
From Dr. William Smyth's Daughter Mrs. Mary Russell, 129
The Rosses: From The Earliest Times To 1640 Fr. T. O'Donnell, O.F.M 131
Co. Donegal Sept Heraldry O'Kelly de Conejera 165
Megalithic Monuments Along The Erne Denis Holly 179
Notes Et Queries   201
Book Reviews    201
In Memoriam   209
Annual Report and Proceedings   218
Officers and Membership   223

1977  President: John Desmond Williams (1977-1980).
Description Author Page
Niall Garbh II O'Donnell, King of Tír Conaill, 1422-'39 Dr.  Katharine Simms 7
The Murray Of Broughton Estate, 1730 William H. Crawford, 22
The Fortification of  Lough Swilly & Lough Foyle Russell McKay 40
A Burial In A Polygonal Cist At Carrickballydooey Michael Ryan 49
The Antiquities Of St. John's Point Charles Conaghan 53
The Waterloo Priest Rev. John Fitzgeraid 62
Notes & Queries    68
In Memoriam   72
Annual Report & Proceedings Of The Society     74
Officers & Membership   78

Description Author Page
Tarlach Mac Suibhne, An Píobaire Mór Sean Ó Gallchóir 245
The Role Of The Caldwell Family In The Williamite  Defence Of The Erne And Donegal John Cunningham 254
The Connolly Papers E.Austin Currie 261
Parliamentary Politics In Co. Donegal, 1790-1832 Desmond Murphy 266
A History Of The O'Cannons of Tír Chonaill Thomas Gildea Cannon 276
Gné den lmirce Eunan Mac Cuinneagain 316
Graveyard Inscriptions At St. Anne's Church of Ireland,  Ballyshannon Anthony Begley 320
Questing In Co. Donegal After The Great Famine Rev. Bernard J. Canning 359
Laggan Personalities Of 1798 Mrs. S. M. Campbell 364
Notes & Queries: Conall, Son of Niall Brian Lacey 368
                              Galún Uí Dhónaill Rupert S. Ó Cochlainn, 368
                             The Chapple Of Moynbrenan Rev. P. Ó Gallachair 369
                              H.M.S. Donegal (formerly La Hoche) Russell McKay 369
                             McSheffreys Of lnishowen C. Eugene Swezey 370
                            C. Eugene Swezey   375
In Memoriam   377
Annual Report & Proceedings Of The Society     378
Officers & Executive, 1978        383

Description Author Page
Who Was Edward Eustace? Morwenna Donnelly 387
Clann Chnáimhsighe - A Donegal Sept Brian Bonner 392
Letter To Murray Of Broughton Thomas Addi 398
The Rentouls Of Second Ray By a Descendant 405
Dr. Samuel Campbell, R.N., Surgeon And Surveyor Edward F. Meade 415
Clár den &OAacute;bhar Gaeilge as Dún na nGall atá foilisithe in Béaloideas N. MacCongáil 419
The Heather Fort Rev. John Fitzgeraid 427
                     Galún Uí Dhónaill N. Ó Dónaill, 435
                     Deeds From Mevagh Parish Dr. L. W. Lucas 436
                     Two Donegal Conundrums R. S. Ó Cochláin 442
Archaeological Survey of Co. Donegal Brian Lacy 445
In Memoriam    447
Annual Report & Proceedings Of The Society     450
Officers & Membership      455