County Donegal Historical Society

Indices of Donegal Annuals - 1960s

1960 to 1969


1960 President:  Denis Verschoyle, Capetown, South Africa. 
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In Memoriam    187
The MacDonagh Memorial   192
From The MacDonagh Papers: I. Letter from Fr. Peadar 0 Laoire    II. Extracts from Raphoe Marriage Registers III. The Night of the Big Wind. in Co. Donegal 194 196 201
County Donegal in 1739 (Very Rev. Dr. H. G. Simms, Trinity College, Dublin) 203
Dálach Ghaoth Dobhair (Niall Ó Dónaill) 209
Old Markets and Fairs (P. J. McGill, N.T., B.A., F.R.S.A.l., Ardara) 227
Red Hugh's Campaign (Lucius Emerson, Ballyshannon) 233
Gleanings from Co. Donegal History (Rev. Terence O'Donnell, O.F.M., Gormanston)  258
Hearth Monies: Killybegs    259
Notes and Queries     271
Coarbs and Erenaghs of Co. Donegal (Rev. P. Ó Gallachair, Clones) 272
Proceedings of the Society        285
Obituaries   287

1961  President: Éamonn Uas. Mac Loinsigh. 
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Red Hugh O'Donnell, 1572-1601: A Biographical Survey (Rev. J. Silke, M.A., St. Eunan's College, Letterkenny) 1
Dálach Ghaoth Dobhair (Cuid a Dó) (Niall Ó Dónaill) 20
Dunkineely and its Place in History (Denis Verschoyle, B.A., Capetown, S. Africa) 44
From the MacDonagh Papers: IV Barnesmore In History     59
Lifford Corporation Book, 1716-83 (Brian Hutton, Public Record Office, Belfast) 67
Patrician Donegal (Rev. P. Ó Gallachair, Clones) 70
Notes & Queries     80
Review      84
In Memoriam    87
Hearth Money Rolls: Parish of Fahan    88
Officers & Membership, 1961     90

1962 President:  Rev. P. Ó Gallachair (1963/'64).                      
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Arranmore Island: Economic & Social Study, etc. (Clifford Hargreaves, B.A., 102 Egerton St.,Heywood, Lancs., England) 99
Manus O'Donnell, 21st Lord Of Tír Conaill (Dr. J. G. Simms, Trinity College, Dublin) 115
A Contribution to a Study of the Name of Ballybofey (Bearnárd Ó Dubhthaigh, M.A , B.Comm.,   Co. Mhuigheó 122
Historical Association of Fahan (Harry P. Swan, M.R.I.A., "Ardeelan", Buncrana) 141
Gleanings from Co. Donegal History (Part II) (Rev. Terence O'Donnell, O.F.M., Gormanston Castle,Co. Meath) 151
Notes & Queries    175
Proceedings   184
Reviews   187
In Memoriam     193
Officers & Membership   194

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Foreword: Eagrán Cholmcille.    
St. Colmcille: The Prince (Rev. John Ryan, S.J., D.Litt., University College, Dublin) 204
Where was St. Colmcille born at Gartan? (Rev. P. Ó Gailachair) 221
St. Colmcille: Missionary or Deportee? (Fr. Colmcille, O.C.S.o., New Mellifont Abbey,  Collon, Co. Louth) 224
Pen Pictures of St. Columba   245
The Cross-Slabs of Ardara Parish (P. J. McGill, F.R.S.A.l., Wood House, Ardara) 246
Where are the Bells of Iona? (Matthew Gallagher, Burnfoot) 254
A Forgotten Columban Shrine in Gleneany (P. J. McGill) 258
Columban Donegal Rev. P. Ó Gallachair, Clones) 262
Colmcille sa tSeanchas (Seán Ó hEochaidh, Gort a' Choirce) 277
Proceedings of The Society      285
Review     287
Officers & Membership of the Society           291

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The Decay and Break-up of the Rundale System  in the Barony of Tír Hugh (James Anderson, B.A., The Diamond, Donegal) 1
Gleanings from Donegal History (Part III) (Fr. Terence O'Donnell, O.F.M., Gormanston) 43
MacDonagh Memorial Prize Essays, Letterkenny (Patricia Russell, Ardara, Lochlann MacGill, Ardara)  56
A Bibliography of Donegal Geology (Dr. E. M. Patterson,  Ayrshire, Scotland) 69
Professor Robert Crawford of Ballyshannon (Lucius J. Emerson) 77
A Detail in Donegal Transport History (Robert Hunter, M.A., Magee University College, Derry) 83
Notes & Queries   87
Father Terence O'Donnell, O.F.M    93
Proceedings of The Society   96
Book Reviews    98
Officers & Membership, 1964    101

1965 President: Harry P. Swan.
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The Background to a Hidden Age (Denis A. Verschoyle, B.A., Capetown, S. Africa) 110
Transport and Travel in The Pre-Railway Age (Pro. J. L. McCracken, Magee University College, Derry) 129
An English Tourist in Donegal, 1835 (John Barrow) 138
Rev. Dr. John Boyce - "Paul Peppergrass" (1810-'64) (G. M. McNamara, F.L.A.l., Co. Librarian, Lifford) 141
Glenveagh (Dominic Ó Ceallaigh, B.A. B.Ph., Downings) 150
The Harbour of Ballyshannon (Pro. Robert Crawford, Trinity College, Dublin) 161
Notes Towards a Recent Bibliography of Co. Donegal (G. M. McNamara) 175
Notes & Queries    185
Reviews   190
From The MacDonagh Papers: VI: The Rosses in The 18th Century  195
Proceedings of The Society                     199
Officers & Membership, 1965    201
In Memoriam   214

1966     President: Rupert S. Ó Cochlainn (1966-'67).
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Donegal associations with The Easter Rising (Major General Joseph Sweeney) 1
Personal Memories Of 1916 (Frank Robbins) 12
Donncha Mac Niallghuis  (Seán Ó hÉinne, Ceann na Coille, Gleann Cholmcille) 26
Organising The I.R.B. in Donegal (Earnáin de Blaghd) 41
Coimeen Goes to Camp (Concobhair Mac Fhionnlaoich) 45
Some Casement associations with Donegal  (Hon. Editors) 59
Pádraig Pearse in Donegal  (P. J. McGill, F.R.S.A.l., Wood House, Ardara) 67
Thomas MacDonagh in lnishowen (1914) (P. J. McGill & Seán Mac Sheáin) 89
Mó Chuimhne ar Chuairt an Phiarsaigh ar Theilionn (Seán Mac Sheáin) 92
Donegal and The Ulster Volunteers   (Dr. J. G. Simms) 99
Some Weapons of the Rising (L. J. Emerson, Ballyshannon) 102
Proceedings of The Society      113
Officers & Membership    116

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Fenianism and Co. Donegal (Brian Mac Cafaid, "Ardin Mhuire", Bundoran) 135
Raphoe Royal School (Dr. M. Quane, "Oakdene", Coolock Road, Santry, Dublin) 148
County Donegal in The Jacobite War (1689-91) (Dr. J. G. Simms) 212
Premiums Offered by the Donegal Farmers' Society (1757) Eileen McCracken, M.Sc., Ph.D.,  Derry) 225
A Souterrain at The Rock of Doorin, Co. Donegal (Máiréad Dunlevy, Tanatallon) 229
Nineteenth Century Tourists in Co. Donegal (Pro. J. L. McCracken, Magee University College, Derry) 233
The Early Days of The Co. Donegal Historical Society (W. J. O'Doherty Jr., Ballinaglack, Ballybofey) 244
Proceedings of The Society    248
Officers & Membership    250
In Memoriam: Rt. Rev. Dean Molloy    263

1968  President:  E.W. R. Cookman (1968-1970). 
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Beaver Island: The Arnerican Arranmore    (Hugh O'Hara,  Chicago,  Illinois, U.S.A.) 267
Tobar Aibheog, Lismullyduff: Its Traditions and Associations (Bearnárd Ó Dubhthaigh, M.A., B.Comm.) 274
A Group of Portal Dolmens near Dunfanaghy (Seán Ó Nualláin,  Ordnance Survey,  Dublin) 289
Napper Tandy and Co. Donegal (Late Fr. Terence, O.F.M.) 300
Two Eighteenth Century Surveys of Castlefin (Eileen McCracken, M.Sc., Ph.D.) 313
Donegal Geology - A Further Bibliography (Edward M. Patterson, D.Sc.,  Ayrshire, Scotland 319
Notes & Queries    324
Proceedings of The Society     325
In Memoriam    327
Officers & Membership, 1968      363

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Teacher, Pastor & Patriot  Address by Rev. Dr. Bewgiass 1
Reverend James Porter (1753-1798) Seán MacLoinsigh 7
A Note on Greyabbey today Rev. W. J. Wharton 16
St. Anthony's College, Louvain Fr. Canice Mooney, O.F.M. 18
Notes on Volunteers, Yeomen & Orangemen of County Donegal Oliver Snoddy 49
Distilling in lnishowen Brian Bonner 74
The Ambush at Kilraine, 1921 Miss M. I. T. McGill 98
Notes on Donaghmore Parish Dr. S. P. Kerrigan 103
An Eleven Years' War Find from Co. Donegal Michael Dolley and David Rebbeck 106
A Man From The Croaghs Remembers Patrick Campbell 109
Notes & Queries      116
Proceedings of The Co. Donegal Historical Society    121
In Memoriam     125
Officers & Membership, 1969    126