County Donegal Historical Society

Indices of Donegal Annuals - 1950s

1950 to 1959


1950 President: S.D. MacLochlainn
Description Author Page
Committee & Membership   232
Transactions of the Society 1946-50   235
Notes & Queries   237
Talta Thír Chonaill Niall Ó Domhnaill 244
Shore Dwellers and Sandhill Settlements of Co. Donegal Chris MacDonagh 252
Thrills and Disappointments of a Donegal Collector Andrew Lowry 256
Na Dálaigh (The O'Donnells of Tirconaill) Rupert Coughlan 263
Willie Reilly and his Colleem Bawn Marcus Macenery 281
In Memoriam   286

1951 President: Rev. J.H. Bewglass
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Editorial   286
List of Members   290
Music in Donegal Rev. A McLoone 293
Historic Fords of Donegal Rev. T Molloy 303
Memories of the Twin Towns Dr. Sarsfield Kerrigan 309
Co. Donegal Family in Germany   316
The History of the Diocese of Raphoe Kit Taaffe 319
Crannogs of Tírconaill Chris MacDonagh 325
A Donegal Naturalist of the 17th Cent.   329
In Foreign Fields   331
Book Reviews   333
Approach to Donegal Benedict Kiely 336
A Tour Round the County   339
Clergy and Religious Institutions   360
Garda Síochana   364
Pigots Directory 1824   366

1952 President: Very Rev. Peadar MacLoinsigh
Description Author Page
Committee & Membership    
The Story of Doe Castle Chris MacDonagh 381
History of Public Transport in Donegal C. A. Celkin 406
Donegal in Industry (Manufacture of Tweeds)   417
Ireland's First District Justice   424
Antiquities in the Parish of Donegal (Townawilley)   428
Antiquities in and around Killybegs B. J. McNelis 431
Kilbabbin P.Maguire 433
Gleanings from Old Newspapers & MMS (Murder in Fanad)   434
Burials at Knader, Ballyshannon P.A. Jackson 435
Donegalmen in the American War of Independence K. Taaffe 439
Correspondence- O'Donnells of Glasagh   444
"Na Glúnta Rossanacha" - léarmheas Pádraig Ó Cnáimhsighe 448
1952 In Retrospect   449

1953/4 President: Rev. Richard Laird
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The Kidnapping and Imprisonment of Red Hugh Morwenna Donnelly 457
Gleanings on Donegal History Fr. Canice Mooney O.F.M. 463
Count O'Donnell Proposes a Coadjutor for the See of Raphoe Fr. Terence O'Donnell O.F.M. 473
Ancient Roadways of Donegal Patrick J. McGill 478
Seaghan Mac a'Bhaird Micheal Óg Mac Phaidín 485
Four Ancient Stone Forts in Co. Donegal R.F.G. Adams 491
The Name Béal Atha Seanaigh T.S. Ó Maille 499
Hearth Money Rolls Chris MacDonagh 501
Ancient Church at Malin Head   503
Rally of the Clans C.A.Celkin 505
The Plantation of Donegal- A Survey V.W. Treadwell 509
Members and Officers   518

1954/55           President: (1954) Patrick J. MacGill, Ardara.         (1955) Miss C. Atkinson, Cavangarden, Ballintra.
Description Author Page
Life in Donegal in Pre-Famine Days Seán Bán McMenamin 1
The Founding of The Friary in Donegal Fr. Canice Mooney, O.F.M.            15
Red Hugh's Return Home Morwenna Donnelly 24
Bord na gCeantair gCung Brian Mac Cafaid 31
The Plantation of Donegal V. W. Treadwell 41
The Rundale System in Donegal Desmond McCourt 47
Fragmenta Rapotensiana Fr. Terence O'Donnell, O.F.M. 61
Where is Magh Ceidne And Magh Ene Rev. P. Ó Gallchobhair 70
Parliamentary Returns for The Diocese of Raphoe T. 0. D. 74
County Donegal Museum Curator's Report 78

1956        President:     Rev. Terence O'Donnell, O.F.M., Rossnowlagh, ('56/'57).                     
Description Author Page
Where was the Donegal Friary at Drowes   Rev. P. Ó Gallchair
Castlefin - At The Base Of The Lagan Dr. S. P. Kerrigan 93
Donegal Schools a Century Ago P. J. McGill, N.T. 102
Ancient Christian Burial Places of Drumholm Hugh Deery 110
Other Days in Donegal Fr. Terence O'Donnell, O.F.M. 114
The Old Lifford Corporation J. C. T. MacDonagh 120
Medieval and Modern Castles in Co. Donegal J. C. T. MacDonagh 123
Materials for History of Abbey Assaroe J. C. T. MacDonagh 127
Fragmenta Rapotensiana Fr. Terence O'Donnell 130
A Seventeenth Century Letterkenny Manuscript J. C. T. MacDonagh 139
The County Museum Curator's Report 143

Description Author Page
The Franciscan Friary at Drowes Revd. Fr. Canice Mooney, O.F.M. 1
The Sharon Murder, 1797 Frank L. Gailey 8
An Saol atá thart ins na Rosaibh Padraig Ua Cnáimhsighe, O.S. 17
Quiet Donegal D.V. 23
Conall of Tír Chonaill Margaret E. Dobbs and Sean MacAirt 25
Portnoo as an Archaeological Centre Isobel R. Crozier 65
Proceedings  1951-1956     71
From Rural Village to Regional City Denis Verschoyle 73
Assaroe Cemetery Rev. Fr. Pádraig Ó Gallchoir 81
Red Hugh at Dundalk Morwenna Donnelly 107
The Ardaghey Scalan Cahir Healy, M.P. 113
Mol an Dálach 's roinnfidh sé leat Niall Ó Dónaill 114
Glencoimkille: Its Early Christian Monuments and Pilgrimages Patrick J. MacGill 120
Notes and Queries     127
Subsidy Rolls (P. 0. G.) 130
Curator's Report, 1957      131
Fragmenta Rapotensiana: Parish of Kilbarron Revd. Fr. Terence O'Donnell, O.F.M. 133
Cumann Seanchais Thir Chonaill, 1957   149

1958  President:  Mr. J. C. T. MacDonagh (1958/'59).
Description Author Page
John Colgan, O.F.M., and The Louvain School (Rev. Canice Mooney, O.F.M., Dún Mhuire, Killiney) 1
“At Drowes": A Symposium (Brendan Jennings, O.F.M., Seán MacAirt, M.A., and Niall O'Donnell) 6
The Heirs to the O'Donnell Chieftaincy (J. C. T. MacDonagh, B.Comm., President of Society) 22
Tour of Historical Sites in the Parish of Killaghtee (Denis Verschoyle, City Hall, Cape Town, S. Africa) 35
Betha Columbcille: Léarmhas (Pádraig Ó Beirn, M.A., Teelin)  45
The Erne-Drowes Line (Lucius Emerson, Ballyshannon)  55
Woodlands of Donegal: 1640 to 1840 (Eileen McCracken, M.A., Magee College, Derry) 62
Where was O'Donnell's Fortress at Murvagh? (Rev. P. Ó Gallchóir, Meánscoil Thiarnaigh, Clones) 65
Death comes to Lord Leitrim (Prionnsias Ó Gallchobhair, O.G.S., Srath an Urlair) 69
The Sharon Murder     73
Notes & Queries    74

Description Author Page
Derry and Raphoe in the Twelfth & Thirteenth Centuries (Rev. Aubrey Gwynn, S.J., Professor of Medieval History, )  84
Allingham's Laurence Bloomfield - A Historical Document (Alison O'Reilly, Memorial University,  St. John's, Newfoundland) 101
The Dickson & Connolly Families of Ballyshannon (Rev. J. Morell McWilliam,  Dumfrieshire, Scotland) 111
An "Wasp" i dToraigh (Leis an Ath. Eoghan O Cholm, Oileán Thoraigh) 118
The Plantation of The Laggan And its Economy, (1600-1900) (James H. Rutherford, B.A., Manorcunningham) 122
Rock 'n Reel (Denis A. Verschoyle, Capetown, S. Africa) 141
Heirs to the O'Donnell Chieftaincy (Part 11a) (J. C. T. MacDonagh, B.Comm., Ballybofey) 146
Whales and Whaling in Donegal Bay (P. J. McGill, B.A., N.T., Woodhouse, Ardara) 156
Bliain An Droch-Shaoil (1847) (Liam MacMeanman, B.A., O.S., Fal Charrach) 161
Some Notes on Inver and Killymard (Ignatius MacHugh, Ballymacahill, lnver)  164
Where was O'Donnell's Island on Lough Beagh? (Rev. P. Ó Gallachair, Meánscoil Thiarnaigh, Clones) 170
Notes and Queries     174
Proceedings (1958-'59)    178
In Memoriam    179
Reviews   180
Membership   181