County Donegal Historical Society


Notice of first ever Field Day (courtesy of Lochlann McGill).

Anthony Begley, Kathleen Emerson & Des Williams.


Des Williams, Fr. Paddy Gallagher & Anthony Begley. Does anyone know the girl or the occasion?


                                          1989 Executive Committee

L. to R. standing: Fr. Jimmy Shields, Eamonn MacIntyre, Arthur Lemon, Lochlann McGill,
Vincent O'Donnell, Paddy McGill, Seamus Gildea, Seán Beattie, Des Williams, Eddie O'Kane,
Seán Ó Ceallacháin & Patrick Conaghan.
sitting: E. W. R. Cookman, Anthony Begley, Kathleen Emerson, Arthur Spears, Lucius Emerson,
Maura Mallon & M. E. Patton.

Members of the DHS departing Tory after a memorable Field Day.


Minister for Education Richard Mulcahy opening the Vocational School in College Street Ballyshannon in 1953. Louis Emerson is following in uniform. (photo: courtsey Anthony Begley)



The Donegal Historical Society held a special dinner in Jackson's Hotel in 1956 to honour the visit of Leopoldo O'Donnell, Duke of Tetuan and his wife Consuelo to the county. (photos: courtsey Lochlann McGill)